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Hi Desire,

I hope you can answer this question on email etiquette. Everyone seems divided on the response.

Let's say the scenario is three work colleagues planning their first social night out.  Over the course of the next two days, they are trying to arrange schedules, place and time.  Throughout all the back and forth emails,  all three people use the 'reply all' button, so that all names are always in the 'to' header.  Then say near the end, Person A leaves it up to B & C to pick the day.  B responds to all saying, either day works fine, the choice is up to C.  C then responds to all saying Friday is fine, but then asks the other two if 7ish is o.k.  At that point, person A responds only to C, and carbon copies B with a detailed response of where 'we' could meet.  B doesn't reply and feels a sting of rejection.

Well, I was person B in this  situation, and I couldn't understand why I was cc'd on the last email.  It really bothered me for weeks prior I got the impression that A favored C more on a personal level.

I hope all this made sense, and it may seem trivial, but A is a very savvy technology person, in your opinion, was this rude of A to demote me to CC level - since he was still giving information in the last email as to where we could meet...i was told the CC column is the FYI column, and this little oversight, spoke volumes.
Thanks in advance for your response,

Hmmm, sounds like you're hurting a bit.

Have you ever considered that maybe he hit reply, and not reply all, and then put your name in the CC by accident? I mean, accidents DO happen.

If you and person A have had tension in the past, then it's likely they posted you in CC deliberately. IF that is the case, then I understand where you're coming from.

CC's aren't always a negative thing. If I'm dealing with something on behalf of someone, I CC them, or even BCC sometimes. Yes, it's an FYI, but it's also a keeping-you-in-the-loop column too. For instance, Right now, I'm emailing back and forth in a group for a project. We have no "team lead". However, in "to" there is only one name, and in the CC column, there is the other three names. No real issues here, everyone hits reply all, and we all sort the issues out - no one has ever felt slighted by that in this group. Not everyone uses the CC for the same reasons..

Honestly, I wouldn't sweat it too much. At least you were included in the email, and didn't get it forwarded to you. Now that would be bad.

Let me know if you need some further insight.  

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