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I have a personal FB account. I want to construct a FB account for an organization (old High School)that is not linked to my personal account so I can invite friends (H.S. Alumni) and they can post photos and news feeds. When I tried to construct a site, it was linked to my personal site. Can you help?


You have two choices: you can create a group or create a page. If it's more private and discussion based, I'd suggest the group. If it's more for branding, I'd suggest a page. In your case, a private group sounds just about right, and you can customize your settings, so that members can post, or only admin can post.

If you need any help setting it up, go to the little arrow on the top right corner of your Facebook while you're logged in and click create group. I don't know what version of Facebook you have, so you may have to look around - it seems that mine is a test version. Anyway, the group will be connected to your Facebook account in terms of management, but it's just a group, so it doesn't show your other activity, only the group's activity. I've found groups to be very helpful, and have used them for school purposes successfully.

If you need any more assistance, please feel free to ask.  

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