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This is my question: Can a verified organization buy fake likes on Facebook?

I have this question when visiting a Facebook page by a verified newspaper. Apparently there are 3 million people who like the page.

However, when I look at the posts for a three consecutive days, I noticed that there were never more than 10,000 likes for each post. Most posts only receive between 2,000 and 5,000 likes.

The comments on each post also only vary between 20 and 300 comments.

I don't say this newspaper did any fake thing. However, technically, can they buy fake likes on their Facebook even though they're a verified organization on Facebook?

Thank you

ANSWER: Facebook does not allow such businesses, and believe me, they can spot that sort of thing from a mile off. What you're seeing is normal; a page with a lot of likes and a low interaction rate. It just means that their social media person/team is not very good at what they do. Posts from a page are only seen organically by 5% of their "likes", and if they want to reach all the people who liked them, then they will have to pay to boost their post. They could also be posting boring things, and posts with no call to action. Like all things marketing/PR, you need to engage people, or they won't be engaged.

Hope that clears things up a bit :)

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Could you pls explain the 'organic' detail?

"Posts from a page are only seen organically by 5% of their "likes""

By 'organic', I understand it means 'naturally', 'truly'. So why doesn't the post appear on everyone's wall even though these people already liked the page?

Is it because a deliberate programming trick by Facebook, which only allows the post to appear on 5%. And then Facebook will receive more money if someone wants to increase that number from 5% to a bigger number?

Yes, Facebook wants you to spend money. This is the never-ending cycle: You pay to promote your Facebook page to build your community, and then you have to pay more for the community you already paid for to SEE your posts.

It's their business model. Don't hate it. That's why I say NEVER build your dream home on rented real estate. Always drive the traffic back to your website, where you can measure your statistics, and KEEP your followers ten years from now.  

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