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I am wondering if you can educate me about the new Facebook Messenger.  I keep hearing negative things about it, like it is full of spyware, or it includes software that allows anyone to track your location, and even the ability to listen in on conversations you are having, not only while on your phone, but also when speaking to someone in person while the phone is sitting nearby?  Do you have any knowledge of this, whether it is true or not true?   Just curious.  Thanks.

Hi, I'm not 100% certain if I'm the right person to be asking, since I don't know what back-end functions the app has, but personally, I've removed it from my phone, because it was just adding bloat to my phone. It's a bad sign when an app turns a speedy Nexus device to a crawl.

Many apps track your location, so it's not only Facebook messenger. In fact, some of the most ridiculous apps have location permissions, so you have to be wary of what the permissions are before you download. As with most apps, only the developers have direct access to your location. It's not publicly available.

With regards to the eavesdropping, I have no idea, and if it's true, Facebook would never admit it.

The reasoning behind all these permissions is the future of Facebook Messenger. It seems like they are going to add a phone feature, and a video calling feature, hence all the seemingly unnecessary features.

I won't worry too much about this; I have more concerns with GoPro cameras on drones, and Russian satellites, and the NSA.  

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