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Hi Prof. Garain,

I didn't want to have to ask you this question but I couldn't find it in the long list of previous answers.

Can you recommend any learning aids or online scenarios that may assist an undergraduate Social Work student studying alone, particularly in the areas of conflict resolution and dealing with violence? I am studying by distance and, although my study materials seem fine, I feel as though I may be missing out on some of the interpersonal experience. I believe that my mindset is correct but I'm uncertain and I want to test it against another social worker's line of thought as to whether I'm equipped to make the right decisions or not.

Thanking you in advance.


Dear Paul

Social Work training in distance mode is not a desired one. However due to many constraints, we need to resort to less effective mode at times.  Social Work training needs very close mentoring by field work supervisor, classroom teacher, lab session trainer, etc. reading material or teaching aids are not substitute to one to one interface.

I would suggest doing internship with some neighborhood nonprofit engaged in conflict related work. Then you can share your experience with your guide for developing theoretical perspective.

Hope that helps

Dr Garain  

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