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QUESTION: I've been diagnosed with dependent personality disorder.
When I try to force myself to do something adult, I literally break out into tears and feel like a child.

What are some key things I can do to overcome fear and get better?

ANSWER: Dear Liz

I suggest that you should visit a counselor or psychologist.

Besides, it will be helpful if you practice some mind control exercises atleast for a few weeks or months. You could choose YOGA, meditation or such similar options that will be greatly useful.

Hope it helps

Dr Garain

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you I just started therapy a week ago.

Are there certain medications that you recommend that I can ask my psychiatrist about? Right now I'm on Sertaline and Ativan and I notice no change in my depression and anxiety..

Dear Liz

Thanks for your mail back. I am not a medical doctor and hence will not be in a position to comment on the medicine.

However, Is hall suggest to practice some mental exercises expect depending exclusively on the psychiatric drugs.

Best wishes

Dr Garain

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