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Hello, I'm a senior in high school and I'm interested in studying Psychology once I graduate, but I'm having difficulty deciding what bachelors degree I should pursue. I have two in consideration: Arts of Psychology and Mental health and psychology of the community. But I need help in choosing a bachelors that will allow me to achieve all the requirements needed to exert a masters in psychology while simultaneously allowing me to be applicable with other jobs  related to what I have studied. I already know I can work as a social worker, with a bachelors degree but my question is: What bachelors degree should I pursue so that I have a variety of job opportunities.

Hi Lesley

It will be useful if you choose either BA in Psychology or BSW. The basic foundation in a core discipline is always useful foundation for building your career. With either of them, you can have various options at masters level. besides you can take up some work after your graduation.

Hope that helps

Prof Garain  

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