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QUESTION: What do you make of this?  I have been seeing a counselor for a few weeks for $35/hr.  I told her this is a hardship and I will have to switch to a new counselor next month who is $14/hr.
She said to me:
"Lisa..if you do the work I Tell you and you're not too attached to me..when the time comes for you to see the other counselor..I don't mind seeing you for 15/hr."
I was so happy to hear this.
Then last time I saw her I mentioned the financial situation and her tune was totally different.  She said "There's no way I could see you for 15/hr. If you want to stay with me you could cut back to every other week at $35/hr."
I was totally surprised because this is very different than what she said before.
I feel like she lied to me for some reason.  Am I justified in thinking that?


In fact I am surprised to hear her offer to you, cutting down her fees by half. It does not happen that way. No one reduced fees by that rate because of the constraints of the client. One may give some concession. Thats all.

I am also surprise that you believed it.

I believe she said this to hold on to you as a client.  When you went back, she was sure that you will continue with her.

Her offer of alternate week is not going to help you. It wil help her to retain the client at no loss to her. Her attitude is not appropriate. Even if you continue, you will not benefit, I believe.

I will suggest that you try teh other one you have explored.

Dr Garain

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: When you say her offer of every other week isn't going to help me, are you saying that I need to go every week or are you just speaking in terms of seeing her?  

Different question, I'm curious because are finances are so low that I may have to even see the other lady 14/hr every other week.  I also find that if I see a therapist every week, I become way too attached to them (dependency disorder) whereas that doesn't happen if I do it every other week. I'm just wondering if therapy has any benefit going every other week.

I'm a bit naive so it doesn't surprise me that I believed her. Thanks for your help. I look forward to meeting this other lady.

Dear Linda

Thanks for coming back to me. I do not know the nature of problem and the assistance you need/get from your counselor. hence I can not comment of the frequency of visit and its use.

I am concerned that you have been asked to come on alternate week because you asked for fees being high. If you have been seeing her every week, I assume that is necessary. Henec if it is reduced to alternate week , due to fees, it may not be advisable.

DO you really need to visit the counselor regularly? Meet the other one and seek advice on that too.

Bets wishes

Dr Garain  

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