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Hello I have to develop a 5 minute role play, me being the social worker, and interview a client. My client has come with substance abuse. I have an idea but I need help with this scenario. I don't know what to ask. I have to use the steps....engagement, data collection, assessment,termination,and follow-up. I have to convert those steps into my interview. I am really confused could you please help me.

Dear Kathryn

You have not stated whether you are a student or a practitioner.


First and foremost thing is to make the client comfortable with you. hence you may begin with general conversation about your friends, family, hobby, likes or dislikes.Once you see him/her willing to talk to you or opening up with the conversation, you can go the next level.

Secondly, develop an understanding about the client by  enquiring about his/her family, upbringing, siblings, schooling, work life, etc.

Thirdly, open a dialogue about his life and living, life style, experience/perspective of living, etc and wait for him to talk about substance abuse. It is always better if the client opens up instead of you bringing the topic to enquire. The response is likely to be better.

Forthly, you proceed with colelcting detailed information (case study) about his abuse/addiction.

Fifthly, decide whether you are going to intervene or leave it to another counsellor to act on

Sixthly, then terminate the relationship

Hope this helps

Prof Garain
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