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QUESTION: are 30 minute therapy sessions effective if that is all i can afford?


It is difficult to respond to your query with having the details. Why do you need the therapy? Is it just one sitting?

I believe you are talking about therapy and not counselling. In general, I may say that one shot 30 minutes therapy is not really desired. It may not serve any purpose.

Hope that helps

Dr Garain

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QUESTION: I'm referring to long term therapy rather than therapy that is for a shorter duration. I have a mental disorder that I need help with.
I was doing really well but now I'm pissed off and discouraged that
I can only afford 30 mins every other week. I could ask for once a
week but because of their load of patients who go there (it is
sliding scale) I don't think she would have a slot to fit me in
every week. Thanks
I do go to a self help group every saturday but I don't think that
in itself can help me except having people to cheer me on.
I think I would get used to only going 30 mins twice a's
just that I really want to change my habits that aren't working for I really need to know whether I am wasting my time or not.
Also, I have to be careful how often I see a therapist as I get
very attached to them.  It's a tough call.

Dear Tom

To cheer u up, you may chat with counselors in social networking sites more frequently than going to someone physically and pay for it.  You may also take help from neighborhood  counselling government services, if available. Fortnightly encounter may not really help. Of-course, intensity of you need may be also a consideration.

Hope that helps

Dr Garain

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