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Hi, I'm Juawana and I'm freshman in high school. My dream job is to be a social worker, the whole thing about helping others is like a passion for me i just enjoy it all. I was wondering if anybody knew a Social Worker I could shadow for a day or so or even for some hours just so they can allow me to understand more than the research I've been doing and the feel on what they do! And by the way i would really like if its a high school social worker and somewhere close i leave in the Chicago Land area.
Thanks for the help, Juawana

Dear Juawana

I am glad to hear about your passion to be a SOcial Worker.

It wil be helpful, if you visit a nonprofit that works on school social work. alternatively, just visit a neighbourhood school and meet the Social Worker there and express your desire to shadow him or her.

I am located in India and hence can not help on this.

Best wishes

Prof Garain

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