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I am a senior attending Sheldon High School. I am currently researching about the career of social work and I would like to obtain more information about it. I would like to ask for a minute of your time to inform me about social work. If you would please answer these questions:

1. What is the average time it takes to obtain a degree in social work?
2. What are some reasons to look into the career of social work?
3. How difficult is it to find a job after obtaining a degree?
4. What are some positives, as well as negatives, of being a social worker?
5. How is the pay of a social worker? (Low, medium, high - average salary?)
6. What is a regular day in the job of a social worker and what roles do they play?
7. Are there any benefits of being a social worker, or does being a social worker open doors?
8. How long do social workers usually work a day on the job?
9. Can a career in social work be "worth it?" (After the schooling, costs, etc)
10. How is the working environment?

    Any additional information about the career in social work would be helpful and much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Dear Peter

I am glad to note your interest in Social Work as a Career.

You have asked too many questions here. It is not possible to answer all these here.

In brief, social work is a challenging career with a lot a scope for career growth and personal satisfaction.  You can do a bachelors and Masters level courses in Social Work. you may take a minimum of 6 years to complete the PG level full time study. Finding a job with degree will not be very difficult. However, you may take time to have a successful and satisfying career.

For details,  I suggest that you meet personally a trained Social Worker in your neighborhood and clarify your queries.

Best wishes

Dr Garain  

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