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  What do you think is the biggest problem faced by disabled persons today?

  How can they accept their situation including the loss of their body parts (internal or external)?

  In your own thoughts, how do people around them react about their situation?

  What is the difference between a disable beggar and a beggar w/o disability?  Aside from being disabled.

  Their own families are supporting them in begging. According to some bystanders, they even assisted the disabled beggars in going to the place where they beg. Why do you think their own families let them do that? Considering that the disable is a real family member.

  What do you think is/are the reason/s why does the institution/management, especially the guards can't push them away in their place? Considering that that is illegal.

  Do you think is it advisable for them to still beg along public places? Can you tolerate them to do so for them just to have money? Why or why not?

  Is there a way for the government to help make an institution for all the disabled beggars?

  What triggered disabled people turned into beggars instead of finding a decent job that suits them (eg.disabled reflexologists)?

  Why are some disabled people have a decent job? In what way they are socially/psychologically different?

Dear Dannica

There are too many question and each one of them will call for a long answer. In order to find answer to all these listed questions, I suggest you do some reading of your own, or surf the net.

The disabled beggars are often linked to poor conditions of the family and inability of the family to support them. Due poor economic conditions, they are deprived of proper education and skill training that could  enable them appropriate jobs or economic rehabilitation.

I suggest you visit your neighborhood university/college department of social work and have a discussion with a faculty member.

Hope that helps

Dr Garain  

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