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1.   Does the environment shape a criminal? How?
2.   What causes a person to kill?
3.   What causes a person to kill someone he loves?
4.   Why does a person kill?
5.   Do you have any idea about crime of passion? Can you tell us how crime of passion did begin?
6.   What are the ‘symptoms’ of a person with the tendency to kill, specifically the person he loves?
7.   Is it true that too much love can kill?
8.   Who usually commits murder? Crimes of passion? Is it male or female?
9.   Does crime of passion has any implications to the society?
10.   How do you think crimes of passion can be prevented?

Dear Maureen

There are too many question and each one of them will call for a long answer. In order to find answer to all these listed questions, I suggest you do some reading of your own, or surf the net.

The crime of passion is a psychological state of mind that needs immediate attention of a psychiatrist or a clinical counselor. In such state, a person becomes extremely possessive of another person and no logic or ration helps to see reason. S/he would be willing to go to any extent to retain possession of that person, even by destroying the existence of him/her. S/he can not think of that person being with someone else. Its a psychiatric dis-order.

I suggest you visit your neighborhood university/college department of clinical psychology or psychiatry and have a discussion with a faculty member.

Hope that helps

Dr Garain  

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