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I live in the U.S. - in the state of Alabama. I am mentally disabled, and have had everything - including my house, my money, everything that I own taken from me, in a terrible case of criminal Judicial Injustice by the Chancellor in my case, and by my own attorneys. It is a situation that is literally very difficult to comprehend and believe that even an animal could be treated as I have.

I am so severely depressed, that I am actively contemplating ending my life. I have come to the conclusion that the only thing that could possibly save me, is to somehow, fairly quickly, obtain enough money to hire a very good lawyer, as this is a very difficult case - especially when you are up against a crooked judge.

I have seen or heard about lately, several people in slightly similar very difficult circumstances, who have submitted their story to some of these 'crowdfunding' sites, and have quickly garnered donations to help them - at least temporarily.

This is my ONLY hope.

Is there any way that you could research, and tell me the names of maybe the top couple of 'crowd-funding' organizations, whom I could tell my story to... the organizations who might be MOST likely to help someone in a similar position as mine. (Such as a site aimed towards raising money for Disabled, or discriminated-against, or mental illness sufferers in trouble, or that sort of situation)?

If you can give me a good answer that I could use, I will be glad to give you a nice tip.

Thank you very much.

Dear Mike

If your story is true, then it is indeed sad.

You seemed to be quite familiar with crowd funding.  Knowing your story, you need to do the research on your own in terms of what is appropriate for you.

Hope you can handle your situation

Best wishes

Dr Garain

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