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Dear Prof,

I am someone who have a humanist bend and a disinterest in worldlier things.

But at the same time, I am a very social person, as I have come to believe that there is a relative value to all my thoughts. So being with people and speaking out my plans for life makes me re-think, or makes me more focused, or plan life more thoroughly; thus this question today, that I want to, and have to, ask.

I want to start from some organization, and my plan is to work to the top to make a humanitarian, extremely effective, and active organization. (My thoughts here are vague, but my intention is very strong and my mind, extremely determined).

As a result, I entered undergraduate study of political science and international relations, and I am hoping to take a second major in international trade and management, and maybe a side, on-line major in religious studies.

I need to understand not just the dynamics that shape political, and ultimately social arenas in life, but I want to be a learned person, who can see past, present and is able to predict future circumstances, and work and plan things accordingly.

I don't know how to give shape to my ideas.
These college student fellows of mine (trying to prove their critical thinking skills, or something) challenge my ideas, as they are all talking about 'jobs, money, power, presidency,' making jokes. (I appreciate such talks, even enjoy them, as they make me see the world that I DO NOT see, and am given a chance to peek into, through these people's ideas.

So these people say 'humanitarian?' good, but you need a way of income.
'NGO' I mean that's supposed to always meet dead end, it is after all non-profit. Haha. Clever. (I am good at handling social situations, and if I do not react perfectly, I always find a way to compensate for things, so public image, counter-arguments, and stuff isn't my problem).

My dilemma is that I really need a plan for life. Where do I go from a college freshman in political science, to a summer school internship, or job at UN or some NGO, or somewhere, to being an active, full-time humanitarian worker??

The question is long,
I do not, for a second underestimate your time and effort,
And of all the things that these great philosophers didn't say, or merely implied,  giving an advice to someone is one of them. To impart your knowledge and understanding, that's an amazing humanitarian, warm-hearted thing to do.

I will wait for your reply,
Thankyou very much for your time :)

Dear Ann

I am happy to read your posting.

You belong to a great country that is currently  going through difficult time. Anyway.

Ann, good intentions to help others are not enough. You need the knowledge and skills to do it. You may cause more harm to self and others, by trying to do things without knowing how to do it.

In life you need money to live. Either you inherit or earn yourself. If you have to depend on others to meet your own needs, how will you make others help themselves.

But you need not be money minded and materialise.

In order to realise your dream, equip yourself with relevant education from good Universities. Without relevant educational qualification, no one will give you an opportunity to work in a humanitarian organisation. With your present education, you can not get a job in an NGO, forget about UN. UN does not have money. It no longer recruits now. You can try for a UN volunteer position.

To become a humanitarian worker, you may study Master of Social Work or Disaster Management from a good university. This will provide you a good launching pad to start your career.

best wishes

Prof Garain  

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