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1.   Does the environment shape a criminal? How?
2.   What causes a person to kill?
3.   What causes a person to kill someone he loves?
4.   Why does a person kill?
5.   Do you have any idea about crime of passion? Can you tell us how crime of passion did begin?
6.   What are the ‘symptoms’ of a person with the tendency to kill, specifically the person he loves?
7.   Is it true that too much love can kill?
8.   Who usually commits murder? Crimes of passion? Is it male or female?
9.   Does crime of passion has any implications to the society?
10.   How do you think crimes of passion can be prevented?

This is a very deep investigation of violence in cultures. Know first of all that all violence and peace for that matter are OUTCOMES of social and environmental processes. There are many types, levels and forms of violence as there is peace. Social (racism, discrimination, bias), economic, political and environmental violence can and does yield individual and community violence, even riots.  
I am creating a website that deals with many of the questions you raise. It is not yet finished but is a good place to start:
Spend some time there and then ask for further responses.  


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Steven Valdivia


Origins of gangs; causes of gangs; how a community evolves to violence and/or peace; new and workable solutions to gangs, riots and forms of community violence; psycho-social aspects of gang activity. Connection of gangs to riots and other community violence


First gang czar in Los Angeles City and County - 1973-1995; National trainer, lecturer and educator for Dept of Justice and as consultant; invented Target Area Strategy (multi-agency interdisciplinary strategy) still used today; developed new paradigm based on continuum.

Steven Valdivia is co-chair of the Peace and Non-Violence Research Group, Institute for Computing in Humanities, Arts and Social Science (I-CHASS), National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. His book: “Forces Gangs to Riots. Evolution to Gangs, Riots and Back to Peace" is available at Amazon, etc.

Author, "Forces...Gangs to Riots...Evolution to Gangs, Riots and Back to Peace". Also articles in LA Times; Newsweek, Christian Science Monitor, guest on ABC Nightline...many others

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