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Sociology/functionalist prespective in context of poverty


what are the reasons of poverty?. and Why poverty has not yet been eliminated in the light of Functionalist perspective. please response asap! i couldn't find a single reason on internet. i need your help.

Hi Sarah,

I'll be glad to help with your question.

According to Functionalism, poverty has a necessary role in society. For example, maybe poverty persists to give incentive for people to work hard enough to avoid being poor. When individuals work hard for their own benefit, all of society becomes wealthier. Remember that the point of Functionalism is the question "What FUNCTION does the social phenomenon have?" According to that perspective, a social phenomenon must have a necessary function in society otherwise it wouldn't exist. So, therefore, one argument from that perspective is that poverty exists because it must contribute to the welfare in society somehow. Again, maybe poverty exists to persuade people to work harder. Or, maybe it exists because humans prefer a stratified society, one with distinct class structure. Poverty won't be eliminated as long as it's serving a useful role in society, according to Functionalism.

I hope that this is helpful, Sarah!

- Marc  


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