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I am doing a research project for sociology on world hunger and I cannot find much on the three sociological perspectives views on world hunger.It is due tonight and this is the last steps needed to be done to complete my power point. I could really use your help and it would be greatly appreciated.

Question: How would a Functionalist, symbolic Interactionist and conflict theorist explain or discuss World Hunger? Demonstrate solid understanding of how each perspective applies to the problem.

Hi Maliyah,

I'll be happy to help with your question.

The Functionalist perspective on world hunger would be, for example, that the human population has grown too large to be supported by the food that is produced, and therefore some people will go hungry. That is, there are more people than there is food.

An example of an explanation from the Conflict perspective would be that food supplies are controlled by the wealthy and powerful, who have no interest in ensuring that everyone is fed. Meaning, the wealthy and powerful take care of their own needs (their own class) at the expense of everyone else.

An example of the Symbolic Interactionist explanation is that hungry individuals consider themselves powerless, and therefore fail to take steps needed to improve their situation. Meaning, they have a poor sense of self and because of that are not motivated to try to change their lives.

I hope that this is helpful!

- Marc  


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