Among countries we tend to see some on an upward trend and others on a downward trend regarding the state of the social environment.
In some countries crime is increase, morals are deteriorating and all sorts of other negative social issues appear to be increasing. For example Venezuela in the last few years.
In other countries crime is decreasing, morals/values are improving and social problems are disappearing.
In the rise and fall of nations from a social (not economic, political or technological)- what inherently lies behind the rise and fall of social well being of a country.
Can you refer me to any books that provide insights and what do you think the top 3 factors are that determines the rise and fall of a society.

Hi Sunil,

I recommend a book titled THE WEALTH AND POVERTY OF NATIONS: WHY SOME ARE SO RICH AND SOME ARE SO POOR by David Landes. It was published in 1998 however it's conclusions are remain insightful I think will be of assistance to you.

I hope that helps!



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