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What is an alpha female and how stressful would it be to date one? lol. Or would I need not worry as that they may only date alpha males?

Hi James,

Haha, well I can't say whether you'd "need not worry" because Alpha women only date Alpha men! Though I can relate! However, I'm happy to help with the first part of your question.

Alpha women share the same characteristics as alpha men. Indeed, rightly or wrongly, the traits of an "alpha" are considered to be "male," so that a woman who exhibits them is often perceived to be "acting like a man." The point here is to note that the qualities of an Alpha man and an Alpha woman are identical, but when exhibited by a woman they are considered an aberration and perhaps "unladylike."

Some traits that commonly characterize an Alpha woman include:

Tremendous self-confidence
Explicit ambition
Displaying dominant body language and behaviors (maintaining eye-contact, interrupting people, for example)
High standards for relationships and work
Easily becomes the "center of attention" in a gathering
Unapologetic about being a woman
Unabashed about female sexuality
A tendency to be extroverted rather than introverted.

Naturally, many women possess some of these traits but would not be considered (by themselves or others) as Alphas. And, many Alpha women do not have all of these traits but do have some others. However, I think it's fair to say that a woman who can be described by this list is definitely an Alpha female.

I'm aware of at least one study that has reported that high-earning women (which may be a indicative of Alpha women) prefer male partners who are earning at least as much if not more. But, I'm not aware of any studies specifically generally investigating the partner preferences of Alpha women labeled as such. I think it's at least reasonable to conclude that - given the nature of Alpha women and how they conduct their lives - a partner who was not similarly oriented would likely not be a good match. But, that's the same as saying two radically different personalities of any kind are probably not compatible. Nevertheless, the adage that "opposites attract" wouldn't exist if there wasn't some evidence supporting it.

I hope that this is helpful, James!

- Marc  


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