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Good day
There is so much wrong in the world today and maybe it was the same 100's of years ago. One view is that much of the wrong is caused by negative emotions such as anger, hated, jealousy, and fear.
Wanted to find out which of these emotions is the first or root cause of the majority of wrong in the world throughout time and has any society ever managed to move beyond these states (if so can you name 2 or 3 societies at any point in history) to achieve a higher state of being where there is little anger, hatred, jealousy and fear.


Hi Sam,

I can only offer my opinion here, which is this: Unfortunately, conflict has characterized humanity since long before records have been kept. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of human conflict from tens of thousands of years ago. Not everyone agrees on everything, and whenever there is disagreement there is the potential for violent conflict. As you've suggested, however, conflict is not a new development. No society has been without anger, jealously, fear an other counterproductive impulses, so it's not possible to point to any examples of that. Still, some places have been more calm, stable and "happy" than others. Some examples of that come to mind for me include medieval Muslim Spain, the the northern British colonies in North America prior to the American Revolution, and modern Canada.

I hope that this helps, Sam!



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