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Softball/ASA vs. Little League


icekrusher wrote at 2011-03-18 17:57:41
As of the 2011 season, Little League softball and ASA softball rules are now basically the same. Little League does offer a more structured league and the opportunity to play in televised games on ESPN at the world series, should your team get that far. ASA offers nothing like that. ASA has so many tournnments that you can go to, but, not only the best teams go. In Little League you must truly earn your way through the different tournaments to get in the position to go to the world series, where Little League pays for your travel and also takes care of food and lodging which is something that ASA does NOT do.  So I think Little League has a bit more to offer.

Pibb16 wrote at 2011-12-15 06:59:13
Little League rules have changed ........we don't go by 6u,8u,10 ect..... we have Minor Div, Major Div

Jr Div, Senior Div, and Big League Div.....  now from the major div and up u can steal as soon as

The ball is realese.....only our minor div plays with 4 out fielders ....pretty much else everything else is the same....I coach Little League Softball  

TC wrote at 2013-05-29 17:54:33
That's inaccurate

Little League U12 allows stealing on the release of the pitch


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