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a foul tip caught by the catcher is called an out?


A foul tip is different from a foul ball.  A foul tip is a ball that makes contact with the bat then goes directly to the catchers glove and is caught.  This is simply treated as a strike and is a live ball.  If it is not caught or touches another part of the catcher prior to going to the  glove it is a foul ball.

If it was the third strike, yes there is an out, otherwise no.


The questioner gave me a terrible rating based on my knowledge.  His comments are correct regarding slowpitch.  My profile clearly states that I only work with fastpitch.  His question did not indicate he was asking a slow pitch question, which I would not have answered.  My answer is 100% correct for fastpitch.  

My profile: "Expertise Rule and scoring questions for Fastpitch Softball. Primarily High School (NFHS) and ASA. I will answer some coaching questions as well for youth through high school/18U fastpitch. Please do not rate me, good or bad for coaching responses. There is to much subjective matter to the coaching area as opposed to rules/scoring."


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