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I wanted to ask a question about my daughter who is a softball pitcher. My daughter has always been a pitcher and a 1st base player. Two years ago her new coach has put her in the outfield for her secondary position when not pitching. Can you tell me what percentage of pitchers play the outfield? I know I'm her father but I have been told she is a top notch pitcher and 1st base player.
Her new coach will not give her a chance to play first base, and it might be due to the fact that one of the coaches on her team has his daughter at first base.
I hope this does not come across as a parent that is just complaining that is not my intention. I first want to protect her arm (playing outfield has caused her some pain in the past), and I have read some articles that show pitchers play first base more often as their secondary position.

Thank you for your time.


I don't have any statistics to tell you what the most common position for a pitcher to play is when they are not pitching.  At the younger ages it is usually an infield position as pitchers are usually among the higher skilled players on the field.  At the early ages, infield is where it is at.  As they get older a strong outfield becomes increasingly important.  

Is your daughter extremely fast with a good arm?  Is she slow with a great glove?  Those are a couple of questions that would come into play if I was her coach trying to determine where to play her when she wasn't pitching.

I think your question puts you closer to the answer than you admit.  Sounds like your kid is competing with the coaches kid for time at 1st.



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