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Softball/Second base collision


27 year old short stop plays a chopper and moves to second base for a double play in recreational adult game. Short stop touches second base and throws to first base. Runner from first base, 6' 220 lbs, runs into second base standing up. Back of runners head impacts the short stops face breaking the short stops maxilla from his skull with nine fractured bones requiring massive facial reconstruction. Runner receives a gash to the back of his head from the short stops teeth. Both players receive concussions.  Umpire does not see the impact as he has already made the call at second base. Should the runner have slid into second base? Runner is experienced soft ball player as well as Commisioner of Little Leage in a local city.

Hi Ed,

This is a terrible accident, however sliding is never required and collisions can and do occur in softball w/out there being a person at fault.  Sliding has it's own risks that is why it is not required.

W/out seeing the play it's impossible for me to evaluate what happened.  It sounds like from your OP it was bang... F6 at 2nd, bang... R1 at 2nd.  In spite of the horrific injuries it's very possible it's simply an accident that either F6 misjudged where R1 would be or vice versa.



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