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Softball/Second base collision


27 year old short stop fields a chopper and moves to second base to execute a double play. Short stop steps on second base and throws to first. The runner, 6' 220lbs coming from first base runs onto second base standing up rather than sliding. The back of the runners head impacts the face of the short stop and breaks the maxilla from the short stops skull requiring massive reconstructive surgery and titanium plates to the maxilla. Both players receive concussions. The runner has a massive gash to the back of his head from the short stops teeth. Runner is a little league commissioner and experienced softball player. Runner says impact was purely accidental. Umpire did not see the impact as the impact occurred so late after the throw to first. Recreational adult game. Should the runner have slid into second? Any rule violations here based on what I have represented?

Ed, there is no rule requiring a slide, yes your runner should slide.

I have the runner ejected for malicious contact (probably going to the hospital anyways) and the batter out at first if the throw did not get them out due to interference.  Whether the contact was accidental or intentional does not matter.  It was the runners duty to avoid the collision in this situation.  Sliding is always an attempt to avoid collision.

The reason the ejection is important is it could cause a forfeit if it reduces the roster to the point a full team can not be fielded.



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