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Bases loaded. ASA Slowpitch. Batted groundball hits runner who is standing on first, when contact is made.  Ball was hit well and runner did everything to avoid getting hit.  Fielders were behind runner, when ball hit runner standing on first. What is the ruling since fielders were behind runners?

Hi Zach,

In ASA, (most other orgs haves significant differences) with the closest fielder BEHIND the runner who was hit, if hit in fair territory and in contact w/ the bag, we have a dead ball, b-r is awarded 1st base and all other runners advance only if forced.

So 1 run scores and bases remain loaded.

If the fielder had been in FRONT of the runner and R3 was hit in fair territory the ball would remain live and we play on.

Of course if a runner is hit in foul territory it is simply a foul ball.  If they jump OFF the base to try to avoid the ball, it is a dead ball, out, and the b-r is awarded 1st base.

I covered it all for you just for future reference.



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