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QUESTION: batter hits ball off end of bat. goes about 3 feet in front of home and a little to the right (out of batters box)and stops.
batter finally takes off for 1st and throws her bat behind her and hits the fair ball (looks like accidently)

what is the call?

would it make a difference if it looked like the batter had done it on purpose?


ANSWER: Hi greg,

it doesn't matter if it's intentional or not a bat thrown or dropped that hits the ball in fair fair territory is a dead ball, out and runners return to the last base touched.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: what about if ball hits a dropped bat?

example: ball hits off end of bat..batter takes off running dropping the bat 4 feet up the line...ball keeps spinning and after a few seconds finally hits the bat

what is the call?
is it different or the same?

Hi greg,

I thought you might ask for the other side of the rule.

If the ball hits a bat laying on the ground it continues to be a live ball and will be fair or foul based on that rule.  If the ball hits the bat in fair territory and is touched or settles in fair territory it is simply a fair ball.  If the ball rolls after hitting the bat into foul territory and is touched or settles there, it is a foul ball.

If the ball hits the bat in foul territory it is immediately a dead ball, foul ball.

The batter is never penalized if THE BALL hits the bat.

I might also mention to add to your 1st OP if the bat hits the ball in foul territory it is simply a foul ball and not an out.



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