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I'm working the plate, when the pitcher throws the pitch way inside. Batter ducks and ball hits bat unintentionally.  Ball rolls fair, batter doesn't run, defense doesn't react.  I point fair and step forward hoping either team will react to the fair ball.  That's when the base umpire calls dead ball thinking it hit the batter in the helmet.  Here's my question, once the BU called deadball all action ceased.  I awarded the batter first base.  Is that the correct award?  This was a JV NFHS game.


I don't think that there is a "correct" solution to this.  You did what you should and your partner did what they shouldn't.  You pointed fair, the correct thing would to be to stand there until one of the players figured out what was happening.

I think you could probably sell the award based on your partner saying the batter was hit by the pitch.  I am not sure what else you could do.  


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