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Softball/awards on throws that go out of play


Tom,  I asked this question last month an never received a response.  I'll try again.  When I worked baseball, we had an easy way to remember awards on throws that went out of play.  On the first throw in the infield the award is two bases from base occupied at time of pitch.  On second throw in the infield the award would be two base from the base last occupied at the time of the throw (release).  On a throw from the outfield it would also be two bases from the base last occupied at the time of the throw.  Does this apply to NFHS softball as well?

Hi Joseph.

Your rule of thumb that you used on the second throw in the infield, two bases from the last base occupied at time of release would be correct for all throws in NFHS softball.

Your first rule of thumb will almost always line up with how the rule is written.  It would not be impossible, but highly unlikely for a base runner to advance a full base prior to the first throw.


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