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Softball/Batter hit by a pitch (that did not bounce) while in the batters box


QUESTION: I have a question as to the section and the rule that applies to a batter being hit while in the batters box. I was coaching a 15 and under fast pitch game. My team had bases loaded and a batter was up to bat. She was in her swinging motion at the ball i.e. shifting her weight forward, when her back knee was hit by the pitch. She didn't want to be awarded the base she really wanted to hit the ball. But the weirdest thing happened. The umpire called her out because he said that she didn't make an attempt to get out of the way of a pitch and it was a strike. So he called her out. I was under the impression that hit by a pitch is hit by a pitch, and that the batters box belongs to the batter. If she only shifted her weight forward, and didn't move her feet, how is she considered in the strike zone? What is the rule and in this case was it correctly applied?

ANSWER: Hi Carla,

In ASA if the batter doesn't make any attempt not to be hit it is simply a ball,not an awarded base and NOT batter out unless she had 2 strikes and did swing at the pitch. (your OP is a little unclear)

FED play has a recent rule change is that the batter does not have to attempt not to be hit.  It is an awarded base.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your answer Mark. And no the batter did not swing at the pitch, she just shifted her weight to swing, and then the pitch was inside and she didn't have the opportunity to move and the pitch hit her on the back knee.

The umpire said that she leaned into the pitch and that the pitch was a strike. So he called strike three, even though she didn't swing. My problem with it is that there could not be a strike if the ball hit her in the batters box.

So my follow up question for you is this:

If the batter does not swing and the count is 3 balls and 2 strikes and she is hit by the pitch, while inside the batters box, what is the correct call by the umpire? And what is the rule and section supporting it?

Thank you for your time.


Hi Carla,

Good more information.....

It seems to me that PU is stating the the pitch was in the strike zone and struck the batter who had moved her leg.  You indeed can be in the BB  and have a body part over the strike zone that is hit by a pitch that is in the strike zone.

That would be a strike and in this case strike 3.  ASA 7-4-j.  A swing is not necessary.

If that's what the PU said, that the back leg was over the strike zone and it was their judgment that had the ball not struck the batter it would have been a strike.  Not much you can argue w that.  It's a judgment call and a legit call if that's what happened.



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