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16U -- Softball
Runners are on 1st and 2nd.  Batter hits a grounder the runner from 1st kicks the ball going to 2nd.  The 2nd baseman fields the ball anyway and makes the play to first getting the batter out.  Simultaniously to all the above the field umpire calls dead ball runner out.  The home plate umpire then allows the batter to take first base.  How can the batter take first base if the ball is dead and if they are allowed to take first base why didn't the play causing the out stand?  If the ball is dead it is dead then there is no play.  Why wouldn't the batter go back to bat again?

Hi Danielle,

This is absolutely the correct soon as R2 kicked (or was struck) by the batted ball we have Interference, which is a dead ball.  R2 who interfered is out and now by rule the b-r is awarded 1st base. R1 probably didn't achieve 3rd when the interference happened so they are returned to 2nd base.

"if they are allowed to take first base why didn't the play causing the out stand?"  because the play never happened, the ball was dead as soon as R2 kicked it and nothing can happen after that.

"Why wouldn't the batter go back to bat again?"  We try really, really, hard in softball not to have do-overs.  Plus by rule they get 1st base.

I hope this helps you understand this type of interference.



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