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Softball/interference with runner


Girl's Little League (ages 9-13)  Runner on 2nd base advances on hit, rounds 3rd and is tagged out by catcher half way to home.  Defensive team's 3rd baseman is on 3rd base, but does not interfere with run in any way.
Interference was called because of 3rd baseman and runner called safe.  Was she safe or out?

Hi Cathy,

the offense interferes and the defense obstructs.....I think you are asking me about obstruction.  

If the runner is hindered while legally running the bases.....I assume F5 was standing on the base and caused the runner to avoid her while still touching the base and continuing on to home,  if this is correct the runner was obstructed and cannot be put out between the bases they were obstructed.

When play is over, we call a dead ball and award the runner the base they would have made had they not been obstructed.  I assume the runner was sent back to 3rd.

The umpire made the correct call, the defense needs to stay away from the base and the runner if they do not have the ball.


If I didn't understand your OP correctly write me back.


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