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wake up blue wrote at 2013-08-11 03:10:19
Jim, as a fellow USSSA World Series official who is also a parent & coach, I must say I'm ashamed to know a fellow official would not only take an assignment, but, also make excuse for why YOU made an error! I worked with great crews, many who partnered with you the first week as well. Lastly, you are using an open forum with very descriptive information for the exact game to be questioned! As a fellow umpire I have forwarded this to USSSA & hope you will not have the privilege of receiving another honored berth to any age! Good luck on your officiating in the future & I hope you bring pain killers for your partners backs from carrying you, you've lost my respect & I don't even know you!

kingfish wrote at 2013-08-14 12:23:29
what does it say about an org who not only uses an umpire who has extremely limited experience in 3 man at a major tournament but also assigns him to both the championship and if game????? Top notch crews should have been on that field.

Plus,plus plus,The UIC should have been watching the game and while they can't interfere with a call w/out protest this call should have been discussed at length after the game with the crew and there should have been no reason to ask a question here.  There's a lot of blame to go around here!

yo blue wrote at 2013-08-18 06:49:27
If an umpire is given an assignment & they are not familiar with it and don't have the guts to tell the UIC he's not suited for the job! Stop passing the buck & take blame where it should fall! There is NO reason Jim should have accepted this game if he was not trained for it! ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY!

drmarka wrote at 2013-08-30 12:12:17
I disagree, having been a tournie UIC many times I know what I've got after the 1st round even if I haven't worked with many of the umpires before.

By the end of the tournie I absolutely know my umpire's skills and am responsible for the assignments I make especially in the later rounds.

It's not up to the umpire to decline an assignment, unless their hurt or sick. I'm the 1 who should know if they belong there or not.

yo blue wrote at 2013-09-02 21:00:35
So if you're at a world series with what are supposed to be the highest level of officials, if you give an assignment to an official who obviously didn't know his job he has no obligation to tell you? No way! This is the ONLY round of games that required 3 man! This feed has put a bad taste in the mouth of USSSA & unless you are directly seen by the UIC's will you no longer be allowed a championship game, but, you won't be invited! Way to blow the call big guy! I hope you don't ever try to ump in Florida for this association because they know EXACTLY who you are thanks to the detailed information YOU provided on your identity.


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