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Softball/forced out at home


QUESTION: Here's the scenario.
Bases loaded the ball is hit to short.  She throws home but the catchers foot is not on the plate.  As the runner passes the catcher she trips over the catchers foot stumbles over home plate never touching it..    after the catcher picks up the ball the catcher then stands on home plate holding the ball..  the umpire never makes a call.. the runner starts off the field and head coach of defensive team  points out runner never touched the plate.  Meantime the first base coach tells the runner to touch home.  Which she comes back to do all while the catcher is standing on home with the ball.  Umpire yells safe...   head defensive head appeals since she never touched home on a force out..
Is the runner considered out before the appeal?
Is the runner considered out after the appeal?

ANSWER: Hi Carrie,

I have obstruction by F2 and the runner is safe at home.  R1 cannot be put out between the bases they were obstructed.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: How is it obstrution?   The catcher was reciving a throw and is allowed to block the base?

Hi Carrie,

"The catcher was reciving a throw and is allowed to block the base?"  This is incorrect in ASA and FED play!

By rule a defensive player not in possession of the ball cannot block the base.  In your OP F2 did not have possession of the ball when the runner trying to touch the base tripped over her foot,("the catcher picks up the ball").  F2 impeded the runner (it does not have to be intentional)legally running the bases, this is obstruction.  The award would be HP which is why I believe the PU in your game called her safe when she went back and touched the base.

The PU mechanics weren't correct but the overall call was.



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