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I know we were going back and forth yesterday regarding ERA calculation and I had one more scenario I wanted to run by you.  Lets say the leadoff hitter singles and advances to second base because the center fielder booted the ground ball around which was hit up the middle.  I would score this as a single advance to second due to E8.  The next two hitters reach base due to infield errors so now the bases are loaded no outs.  The next hitter singles and only the runner from third base scored.  Is this an earned or unearned run?  Since she singled to reach base she would potentially be earned but since she advanced to second due to E8 and the next two hitters reached due to errors, did the defense have the opportunity to record three outs prior to the fourth hitter's single scoring the leadoff hitter who was on third? If so, then the leadoff hitter is unearned?

I am going to answer in reverse order of asking, it may make more sense.

If so, then the lead off hitter is unearned?  We won't know until the inning is over.

did the defense have the opportunity to record three outs prior to the fourth hitter?  No they did not, the error that allowed the runner to advance was not a chance for an out.  There should be two outs.

The runner on third that scored should have been on first when the single was hit absent of errors.

So for ERA purposes, when the single was hit, we have runners on first and second with two outs.  We ignore the runners on base due to errors.  If an out is recorded before the runner that should be on second should have scored, no earned run.  If no out is recorded (absent of errors) before the runner on second should have scored, then it is earned.


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