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Softball/out after foul ball


In a 12u ASA fast pitch game last inning with the home team batting down 1-0 with 1 out runners on 2nd and 3rd. The batter hit a ball down 3rd baseline and their was no clear indication by the plate umpire wither the ball was fair or foul, if any thing he pointed to the fair side of the bag, both teams played the ball as it was fair and neither umpire stopped play and both runners made it home and the batter made it to 2nd with no outs made.  The field umpire called the ball game over by raising his hands and saying "ball game". At some point the 2 runners that crossed home plate entered the dugout.  The call was questioned by the away team coach and the plate umpire declared that it was a foul ball.  After that the away team coach said that the 2 runners should be declared out since they entered the dugout making the 2nd and 3rd out with no runs being scored ending the game with a win 1-0 for the away team.  What is the correct ruling.  

Thanks in advance

Hi Ronnie,

This is absolutely ridiculous and the "P" word should have been brought out immediately!!!! if it happened.

A foul ball is a "dead ball" and you cannot call a out like this on runners entering the dugout on a dead ball.

If the ball was foul the call should have been made immediately not after some "discussion"



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