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I know the rule was changed in 06.   Still having a difficult time with it.   Can you explain the difference with 1 and 2 strikes, and with the change of direction language?  Thank you for your time.

Hi Zach,

very little changed and  it only pertains to a "foul tip" and not the def of a "foul ball"

A "foul tip" must go "sharply and directly" from the bat to the catcher's hand or glove and then is caught.  It is a strike, w/ 1 strike, strike 2 and w/ 2 strikes it is an out.

If the ball after leaving the bat has a perceptible arc or if the catcher has to move their glove to catch the ball it is not a foul tip but a foul ball.

It used to be the height of the batter's head in regard to a "foul tip" (NOT A FOUL BALL!) On a rise ball and an attempted bunt above their head (or something similar)it can now be a foul tip even if it goes above the batter's head provided the catcher is moving up on the pitch and the ball goes sharply and directly to the glove.

Sharp and direct to the glove or hand, "foul tip" anything else "foul ball", that's about it.  From ASA RS 22 "Umpires only need to judge whether the ball moves from the bat “sharply” and “directly” versus a ball that has a perceptible arc and / or if the catcher moves their glove / mitt to catch the ball after contact with the bat."

Read RS 22 and if you have any more qs, please ask.



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