QUESTION: Runner on 3Rd, batter walks, stops between first and second to see if pitcher will make a play. Pitcher does nothing. Batter then goes to second. Is the batter out for stopping?

ANSWER: The stop was not illegal as long as there was not a noticeable hesitation before the runner continued.  If the pitcher started to make a play or fake a play, then the runner could hesitate.

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QUESTION: What is would be hesitation? If she stopped for a few seconds to try to get the pitcher to react. Would that be considered hesitation?

The rule book states that once the runner stops, with the pitcher in control of the ball in the circle and the pitcher is not making a play or attempting/faking a play, the runner must immediately choose a base and proceed there.  The younger the players, the longer immediate is in my judgement.

A few seconds would definitely be a hesitation at any level.  If this is what happened, the runner should be out.



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