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Can Electronic scorekeeping be used in a High School Fastpitch softball game.  Can it be used as an official scorekeeper.  What if there is a question about the scoring, can it be allowed on the field.


First question is easy, yes.

Second question.

I think you hit a grey area.  There is no rule prohibiting electronic score keeping.

Rule 9.9.2 The scorebook of the home team shall be the official scorebook, unless the plate umpire rules otherwise.

The word scorebook is used.  As times change, clarifications are made to the rules.  I use GameChanger and that generates a electronic version of a paper scorebook.  It also creates a play by play history of the game.  I also keep a paper book.  Nothing in the rules says the scorebook has to be on paper unless the word scorebook implies that.  

As an umpire, I would be fine with an electronic scorebook.

Third question

I would say yes but an umpire that is not thorough in their knowledge on the allowable uses of electronic devices may not allow it.

3.6.11  Electronic communication devices, television monitors and /or replay equipment shall not be used for coaching purposes during he course of the game.



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