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Softball/Fast pitch award of two bases


QUESTION: Batter is out after hitting fly caught by center fielder.  Center then overthrows to first.  Ball hits front of dugout. Ump awards runner on first two bases, sending her to third.  The ball was in foul territory in front of the dugout, not in the dugout.  Is an award of two bases, from first to third correct?  If so, what rule applies. Blocked ball?  Thank you.

ANSWER: Glenice,

I will make one assumption about your question that is not stated.  I am going to assume that the portion of the dugout the ball hit is out of play.  Without this assumption, the awarding of bases makes no sense.

The rule for awarding bases when a fielder throws a ball out of play is two bases from the last base achieved by the runner at the time of release of the throw that goes out of play.  Deflections don't matter.

As long as the portion of the dugout the ball hit was out of play, this is the correct award.


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QUESTION: Thank you, Tom.  Could you explain what portion of the dugout is out of play?


It really depends on the field.

On a field we play on, the fence is separate from the dugout.  The dugout sits about 6 inches from the fence, but the fascia of the dug out roof is higher than the fence.  If the ball hits the fascia of the roof, it is out of play.



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