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Ok, may be wrong site and maybe even wrong question but I've coached many years and I'm always dumbfounded when I attend high school softball games and see some of the ridiculous calls made by coaches. I'm disappointed in most girls coaches, the title nine doesn't ensure the girls get good coaching, they actually get the leftovers.. question: some of these coaches think you have to sacrifice bunt every time you get the leadoff runner on first.. they watch too much Sports Center, I see this team that averages fiving up 13 runs per game and score an average of 4 runs per games…. Going into an average game, they know in order to win, they'll have score like 14 runs to have a chance to win… so why would a coach of this team ever sacrifice bunt? I mean give an out away to advance a run 60 ft? The purpose of a sacrifice bunt is to deliberately and intentionally trade an out to advance a runner. Sometimes there are errors committed and allowing the batting to also reach first base but the purpose is to sacrifice her to advance the lead runner.. there are like 12 other ways to advance the runner to second without intentionally trading an out.. tell me if this is good coaching philosophy?  Wouldn't it just be easier to teach the girls to hit the ball?  Help me out coach…


Good question.  The answer depends on the opposition!

My leadoff hitter is fast, if she gets on base, I will try and steal second prior to a bunt taking her to third unless the catcher is very strong.  In any case, I like my odds of scoring more than one run with with a runner on second with one out and my 3-5 hitters coming up.

If you know you are going to give up five runs a game, you need to score at least six to win.

There a lot of compromises in a high school line up, especially for small schools.  Say I have a good out-fielder, who is a poor hitter and good bunter, but good enough to play.  I could put her in the 7 or 8 position in the line up or I could bat her second.  Likely an out either way, but one can help the team, the other does not.

You are right, the best solution is to teach the girls to hit the ball.  Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, some are better at it than others.  I don't have the luxury of a varsity team with a full line up of dedicated softball players.  You have to adjust your coaching and game management to your talent.



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