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Runner on first and third.  Batter hits a pop up that looks like it will eventually land by the third base coaching box.  After the pitcher releases the pitch the player on third leaves her base. When batter pops it up going toward third, the third baseman tries to run and catch it but runs into the girl on third who is now running back to her base seeing it was popped up.  the ball lands foul. Interference is called, but now there is confusion as to who is out.  Base up says the "batter" is out and the person on third stays on third.  Other ump says the person on third who interfered with the third baseman is out and seeing that the ball landed foul there is one strike on the batter.  Make sense?  what is the call? Help

The base runner that interfered with the catch is always the one put out.  Since the ball ended up foul, the batter remains at bat and is given a strike if the batter has less than two strikes prior to the pitch.

If the base coach had interfered with the catch, the batter would have been called out.



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