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During a high school softball game, our pitcher was on the rubber.  She had presented the ball and was part way through her windmill when the coach from the other team called a time out from his 3rd base coaching position.  The ump behind the plate stopped our pitcher and called an official time out.  We argued that there could not be a time out called in the middle of a pitch, but the umpire said he could call time out whenever he wanted.  I can't find a rule on this anywhere.  What's the right answer?

Hi Nancy,

No manager, coach, player, or spectator can call "Time".  Only an umpire can and the PU was not  correct on calling time whenever they want..  ASA 10-4-F "an umpire shall not call time if requested by the offense team after the pitcher has started the delivery."

What's the penalty???? none, other than the umpire embarrassing themselves to other umpires that know the rule and having a little talk with the UIC if they hear about it or it becomes common or being downgraded on their ratings.



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