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QUESTION: Hello, can an  infield fly be called by the ump if the infielder catches the ball on the outfield grass?  What about if an outfielder playing in catches one in the infield area?


ANSWER: Hi pete,

yes to both questions.

The grass has NOTHING to do with an IF nor does WHO actually catches it.  All that matters is a fly ball, not a bunt or line drive w/ less than....etc...  that can be caught with ordinary effort by an infielder.

If an infielder can reasonably catch it, is all that matters.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Explain how an outfielder can catch a ball that can be declared an INF fly?

This is not clear to me.

Hi Pete,

An IF is determined by rules and situations

less than 2 out,
runners on 1st and 2nd or bases loaded
a fly ball, not a bunt of line drive that CAN be caught w/ ordinary effort by an infielder

so when you have a situation like this and an IF is called the batter is immediately out and all forces removed.  It doesn't matter at all if the ball is caught or not re the IF, the IF exists at the time it is called and the ball is at it zenith (hopefully), still in the air .

The batted ball is now a fly ball, just like any other fly ball anywhere and now only the runners can be effected by a catch or not.  The batter is already out, the IF is basically over.

As an example it makes no difference if F4 catches the ball or F7 playing shallow comes up and catches the ball.  The fact that F4 could have caught it with ordinary effort is all that matter when the IF was called.




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