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I would like to pick up a guest player or two for my 18A team at the ASA Nationals Aug 1-7 in Indiana.  I was informed there may be a rule that prohibits a travel team from picking up a age eligible player who has completed her first season on a college team.   Is this correct?

Am I prohibited from adding a guest player in ASA Nationals after her college season is over?

She attends a D3 school in the area (McDaniel) and this is her freshman season.

Please confirm if I can or cannot add her as a guest pick up player.



There is a rule that prevents this for 18Gold division.  Nothing that I know of for 18A.

Found this

Junior Olympic Classification. Once a player participates in an intercollegiate softball program for a university, college, or junior/community college, she is ineligible to play in the Junior Olympic Gold program.

Found it here

You don't have anything to worry about a player with college experience.  I do suggest that you get if from the horses mouth so to speak instead of a guy online!!  Contact your state ASA to verify.  I think you will find that I am correct.

You do have another concern you may not be aware of.  You can't just pick up players for the Nationals.  You have to dance with the ones that got you there with some exceptions.  You need to make sure that the players are rostered correctly prior to the tournament.  See Article 303 page 18 from the above link.  Again, your state ASA office is the best source for this information.




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