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Softball/Catcher verbal interference?


Slo-Pitch softball is the game. I have been playing slo-pich for 40 years and have never ran across this before. I understand normal base ball chatter from the catcher. In this case the catcher says nothing but basically barks loudly in your ear just as you are swinging the bat. It is very disconcerting to the batter.
 The umpire says there is no rule against it but baseball etiquette would suggest telling the catcher to stop.

Is there a rule and if not does the umpire have the power to stop this.

Hi Rick,

This would not be interference (offense) or obstruction (defense) and "chatter" is ok but if it crosses the line as your OP suggests and a warning doesn't work I can use USC with an ejection and that's probably my 1st choice but a PU should be able to get this under control very quickly and not have to use any serious sanction.

Or I could use ASA 6-5-b a fielder shall not....act in a manner to distract the batter.  
Penalty is ejection,illegal pitch w/ it's penalties.  But USC works just as well or better.



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