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QUESTION: Runner on 3rd. 2 outs Batter has 2-2 count.  Next pitch she swings for strike 3.  Catcher does not catch the ball.  Batter heads to the dugout.Runner on 3rd runs home The defense makes a play on the runner.  Runner from 3rd safe.  Batter now steps in the dugout and is now officially out.  Does the run score?  Would this now become a timing Play? or is the out still considered a force and no score?

ANSWER: Hi Theresa,

By rule (ASA 5-5) anytime a b-r does not safely achieve 1st base w/ 2 out no run can score.  So in this case the run does not count.  By definition NO play at 1st is a force play but we in reality treat it as one. (that's umpire jargon)


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QUESTION: That is what I thought.  It has been a topic of discussion among my group.  One saying that in NCAA there is an exception. I could not find it    Thank you

Hi Theresa,

This is an ASA answer, I'm sorry I'm not a NCAA umpire but I did look it up for you and it is the same as ASA....NCAA 6.1.3 No run shall be scored if the third out of an inning is the result of: A batter-runner being called out before reaching first base



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