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I get confused between the " look back" rule and the " circle " rule.  Concerning the " circle " rule can multiple runners be called out on 1 " circle " rule infraction or only one?

Hi Robert,

The look back rule and the circle rule are one in the same.  If a runner is off the base when the ball is returned to the circle, they may continue in the direction they were heading when the ball was returned to the circle.  The pitcher basically looks them to a base.  The runner does have the option of stopping once then immediately heading to a base, either direction.  If they hesitate (amount of time varies by umpire) they are called out.  If the pitcher makes a play or fakes a play, the runner is free to do as they please.  Just raising or starting to raise the throwing arm by the pitcher is enough to free the runner.

Just one runner can be called out.



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